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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.



5 months ago

  1. Ronaldo Brezar

    Ronaldo Brezar18 hours ago

    "Some people, somewhere, probably have to wack a skunk off for a living."

  2. Neil Martinez

    Neil Martinez19 hours ago

    "It's very exciting. Let's go get lunch."

  3. TellYouWhat 95

    TellYouWhat 9519 hours ago

    Mini was cooler in every way. You are back pedeling you should do a 1990 f350

  4. Josh Be Spoolin

    Josh Be Spoolin19 hours ago

    Loving the Content haha

  5. o WRX oo

    o WRX oo19 hours ago

    Forgot the « in the bin » at 21:35

  6. Kanyon Kanyon

    Kanyon Kanyon19 hours ago

    About how much did you spend

  7. Barry

    Barry19 hours ago

    Does anybody remember a guy that used to make USloft videos, he tuned Subaru and Mitsubishi, bit of a mad character, used to always say “yea’ after every question he asked. Created a few high HP cars if I remember correctly. I think he worked out of someone else’s shop, big dude, always in a hat. I thought his name was something like Dynospeed or something. Based in the US

  8. TellYouWhat 95

    TellYouWhat 9519 hours ago

    It would be funny to paint it white and get steelies or stock wheels

  9. Culture

    Culture19 hours ago

    “There’s a roundabout on the on ramp?” 😂

  10. Hardwarenerd

    Hardwarenerd19 hours ago

    I'm from Greece and when moog said about falafels and tzatziki ohh God my mouth was watering 😂😂😂 Great little civic unfinished project car needs a few missing screws.. Couple of episodes later yeah it was supposed to be 2 day build...

  11. Toby Smith

    Toby Smith19 hours ago

    cmon Doc wheres the Delorean?? im sure Mcfly would be down for that!!

  12. J. V.

    J. V.19 hours ago

    Hate love for the civic... Someone wants to give up sonny!

  13. Dalton White

    Dalton White19 hours ago

    Watching this after I bought a turbo soccer mom car

  14. Ling

    Ling19 hours ago

    That's a nice push bike, you guys use it to pick up car parts?

  15. Edward Phipps

    Edward Phipps20 hours ago

    I met Dave in auckkand at 4 and rotors was the most helpful lovely guy 👦❤😊

  16. pablo marquez

    pablo marquez20 hours ago

    Moog gotta go. You don't need that negativity. This is a dope build. Can't wait to see it on the open road. Good luck!

  17. Michael Dunn

    Michael Dunn20 hours ago

    I dare you guys to find a American muscle car and build it!!!!!!.

  18. Adams Backcountry Living

    Adams Backcountry Living20 hours ago

    HELP Greetings from the USA love the video's

  19. J D

    J D20 hours ago

    Nice wheels... ;-) Oh and ya I loved the "box full of shit" comment.

  20. Justin Facer

    Justin Facer20 hours ago

    Bro I identify with Marty, Marty just loves cars, even shitty cars that nobody else likes.

  21. Jim King

    Jim King20 hours ago


  22. Derek Anderson

    Derek Anderson20 hours ago

    I live in Oregon USA and I use to own that civic. Not I don’t own tools :-)

  23. Robert Liston

    Robert Liston20 hours ago

    No regerts!

  24. BurntFaceMan

    BurntFaceMan20 hours ago

    when moog called the Haltech "shit" as in "it was outside in a box of shit" the Haltech guy clearly looked bemused. ^_^

  25. Jose Antonio Medina

    Jose Antonio Medina20 hours ago

    In the bin

  26. BenRittenhouse

    BenRittenhouse20 hours ago

    I would complain about how long this is taking... but I’ve been watching project binky since before I was born. Carry on.

  27. Oliver Silva

    Oliver Silva20 hours ago

    18:47 Joaquin Phoneix Joker is that you?

  28. Classic Frenzy

    Classic Frenzy20 hours ago

    Dish soap with a little bit of sugar works well. Friend of mine who is a mechanic showed me that trick... Works well

  29. FAST EDDYS 906

    FAST EDDYS 90620 hours ago

    id finish that hatchback lol

  30. Greg B

    Greg B20 hours ago

    Mitsubishi discontinued all their performance cars. What will the EVO heads do? 78 hp "Mirage" econobox still available...

  31. Jorge A. Naranjo

    Jorge A. Naranjo20 hours ago

    That future projection tho...

  32. Greg B

    Greg B21 hour ago

    Moog is confronting his unrequited love for the HONDA.

  33. Benjaco

    Benjaco21 hour ago

    4:36 extra eeee

  34. Connor

    Connor21 hour ago

    Martys shirt , International Federation Automotive Purity (I FAP) LMAO

  35. Menz0

    Menz021 hour ago

    my god boys its so much easier too drop the subframe and insert the engine in from underneth if you have too take her out again do it this way its so much quicker

  36. Matthew Costanzi

    Matthew Costanzi21 hour ago

    You guys have done some really cool projects over the years working all the way up to a high end car like a Lotus. Moog might not be excited about this one but it really does bring things back to so todays generation what wrenching on cars is all about. Might be a basic more boring car but I doable project to teach others still exists in today's world of modern vehicles.

  37. Neo

    Neo21 hour ago

    Love the ending XD

  38. Jeffrey Pierson

    Jeffrey Pierson21 hour ago

    You deleted the A/C in Australia? And are talking about selling it? You just lowered sales price by several thousand.

  39. jfan4reva

    jfan4reva21 hour ago

    Two Sexy is just doing it's Civic duty! (Haltech 'donation'.)

  40. Adam SkyPixelDS

    Adam SkyPixelDS21 hour ago

    Guys... Thank you for seeing my dream car come true. I have had a 78 Clubman GT, x3 Rover Mini's a 83,96 & 98 over the years. They are part of my soul. Sadly my last one which I wanted to give to my son for his 21st in another 10 years we had to sell for funds for my wife's surgery which saved her eye sight so made me happy . Tho I miss her, My wife called the last Rover Mini "The Mistress" Lol. Your channel rocks thank you

  41. nasty96GSTspyder

    nasty96GSTspyder21 hour ago

    9:44 As a proud B6 S4 owner, I feel slightly disrespected lol

  42. Jonathan Rivera

    Jonathan Rivera21 hour ago

    Beautiful work bro I have love for people who understand a car and knows how to work on something like that . You get to me a real gang gang 💯❤ from Puerto rico

  43. richard carr

    richard carr21 hour ago


  44. Michael Santiago

    Michael Santiago21 hour ago


  45. Salvador Flores

    Salvador Flores21 hour ago

    Moog is looking like Eric the car guy more and more by the day

  46. enigmaPL

    enigmaPL21 hour ago

    Didn't b16's make like 167hp from factory? That's more like 124kW or so. The VTEC sounds great but also is what helped Honda hold the record of highest hp/liter naturally aspirated engines for awhile. Still might be.

  47. Khalid Khas

    Khalid Khas21 hour ago

    What is use ur spending alot of money and u call this is modefiy means Spend less and so every one can modefiy there own car that call modefiy a car

  48. daszieher

    daszieher21 hour ago

    Does it mean anything that the international federation for automotive purity reads "I FAP" in short?

  49. Jack Prodigy

    Jack Prodigy21 hour ago

    So much space for a turbo and intercooler

  50. badsz

    badsz21 hour ago

    “ We’re in a Uber because our B series just exploded “ 😂😂😂

  51. Loring Giles

    Loring Giles21 hour ago

    If I need a VIN I usually just look through car listings for the same car and use their VIN why wouldn’t that work?

  52. Fuzion180

    Fuzion18021 hour ago

    Gonna sound sickkk when it's up and running hitting vtec! 93kw lol more like 120

  53. john smith

    john smith21 hour ago

    Anybody who is a true Honda enthusiast will tell you you are not going to get the true Honda experience with a drive-by-wire throttle. Hondas are meant to be mechanical feeling the road cars, that is why they come with a cable actuated throttle and cable operated gear shifter. Marty and Moog you need to switch this thing back to the way it's supposed to be, put a cable throttle body on it and be done with it!!

  54. Aaron Abbie

    Aaron Abbie21 hour ago

    said it once, i'll say it again. I love the IN THE BIN gag!!!

  55. Eric Oliphant

    Eric Oliphant21 hour ago

    Needs a snail!

  56. Controllerpleb

    Controllerpleb21 hour ago

    I have to say the orange and black looks really good. I'll be sad when you guys paint it.

  57. daDonn

    daDonn22 hours ago

    Wish Bone "in the bin" :/

  58. 10grade S

    10grade S22 hours ago

    they are a couple?

  59. MingasMadness

    MingasMadness22 hours ago

    "If you just want a car that works and is fast and is boring, go buy an Audi." THANK YOU! #audiots

  60. Big dogs detailing

    Big dogs detailing22 hours ago

    How much coke has marty had in this video 🤣

  61. dave Massa

    dave Massa22 hours ago

    Love the price going up before race wars comment 🤣😂

  62. Dante magz

    Dante magz22 hours ago

    Here for the Honda chirps 😂

  63. Martin Sorg

    Martin Sorg22 hours ago

    Could you do a high compression na project? Id really be interested in that...

  64. Shut Up And Pick

    Shut Up And Pick22 hours ago

    It's not gonna run. The master cylinder is on the wrong side.

  65. Frederick John Teng

    Frederick John Teng22 hours ago

    Put an AC but full electric AC system with an electric compressor :)

  66. Robert Keeton

    Robert Keeton22 hours ago

    Oh de doo da day...

  67. Brian

    Brian22 hours ago

    Title should have been "Disrespected box full of shit"

  68. Robert Keeton

    Robert Keeton22 hours ago

    18:27...tell me dude doesn't look like Bobby the Waterboy's daddy, Roboito there...

  69. AaronSkone

    AaronSkone22 hours ago

    The maddest car in the world. Love it so much

  70. Keith Marks

    Keith Marks22 hours ago

    Saw the IFAP shirt at 0:48, paused the video, went to your site and purchased one. I'm not one to buy Merch, but I couldn't pass that shirt up... definitely worth the $8 shipping to get it to the states lol.

  71. Rai zhaq Gregory

    Rai zhaq Gregory22 hours ago

    I know it's more work lads, but please get rid of that horrible orange

  72. Joshua Glukhoman

    Joshua Glukhoman22 hours ago

    This series has been such a pleasure to watch

  73. Aaron M.

    Aaron M.23 hours ago

    Missed the toilet and it went IN THE BIN.

  74. JamieLucaZ89

    JamieLucaZ8923 hours ago

    i think "in the bin" is the greatest thing ever

  75. Matt Philip

    Matt Philip23 hours ago

    Now I want to see this race 2 sexy.

  76. xwetheanarchist

    xwetheanarchist23 hours ago

    i was going to skip this vid im glad i didnt. lol Love you guys

  77. zychrias

    zychrias23 hours ago

    I just heard about the new Yaris GR and had to come back and watch this again.

  78. The Drunk Koala

    The Drunk Koala23 hours ago

    Oh wow I just noticed the short version of International Federation of Automotive Purity. *IFAP*

  79. Alex Jax

    Alex Jax23 hours ago

    Turbo yoda is such a cool guy. Can just tell he'd be a good laugh at the pub.

  80. Tim Haun Fishing

    Tim Haun Fishing23 hours ago

    I am so disappointed at the lack of testicle kicks at the beginning.