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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.

  1. Nicolas Vega

    Nicolas Vega16 hours ago

    The original IN THE BIN!

  2. SoundBoy Entertainment

    SoundBoy Entertainment18 hours ago

    Just did mine today....

  3. Joseph Gardner

    Joseph Gardner18 hours ago

    Fun fact!!! the term bucks in place of money i.e. 200 bucks started back in the states. A buck skin equalled a dollar.

  4. Joseph Gardner

    Joseph Gardner18 hours ago

    18:30 is my favorite part it was super funny "get off my mad car" "Wheres my vtec"

  5. tanaka

    tanaka19 hours ago

    "oh i dont fit anymore, i mean im sure i can jam it in there but..." "nothing good ever comes doing that" 😂😂

  6. Home Grown Customs and Auto Repair

    Home Grown Customs and Auto Repair20 hours ago

    With all the k swaps going on I dig the purity in this build

  7. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty Stock20 hours ago

    That Supercharge Mini cooper is doing well modify the engine

  8. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty Stock20 hours ago

    That Supercharge engine is going be awesome for Moog

  9. Lisa P

    Lisa P21 hour ago

    OMG, LOL :P

  10. Chuva

    Chuva21 hour ago

    That fish is called a pikvis

  11. beniamin Trif

    beniamin Trif21 hour ago

    Wow this video sucks dick. You guys didn't show how to connect both windows to the driver side master switch and you didn't show how to connect the power to the fuse box.

  12. Joseph Gardner

    Joseph Gardner22 hours ago

    ive never worked on a car before. i mean i had a couple of old timers help me put in a clutch plate in an old 92 f150 and i can rotate tires change oil and change brakes and rotors but ive never taken an engine apart and i want to learn what car in america is cheap to rebuild and i can find aftermarket performance parts for cheap and i can easily work on it?

  13. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty Stock22 hours ago

    The Mini cooper going to look awesome Moog

  14. Iris Photo

    Iris Photo23 hours ago

    It's just mad to see the saab perform like that hahaha love it

  15. Joseph Booth

    Joseph BoothDay ago

    From 8.41 it looks like martys transformed into a shifter and moogs just having a chat with him!!

  16. Esoteric Indeed

    Esoteric IndeedDay ago

    5:15 sewing is always an option when it comes to upholstery It's time-consuming but very effective

  17. Mr Singh

    Mr SinghDay ago


  18. Johnog

    JohnogDay ago

    You should paint this white and give it mad decals!

  19. Kimmy Rask

    Kimmy RaskDay ago

    Came back to see it again, good thing I did, I had forgot to like the video😱

  20. Gabsy5

    Gabsy5Day ago

    Its sounds like mine fn2 after the catalytic converter has been stolen out

  21. Billy Shea

    Billy SheaDay ago

    I paid 500 to an original owner 05 gti mk4 and it was a crazy story. I wanna meet y’all some day. Epic video boys

  22. Billy Shea

    Billy SheaDay ago

    I just bought a 2005 mk4 last year. 75k for only 500 USD! Oh man the things and problems I found 😂. Great timing on this car. Love you guys

  23. Billy Shea

    Billy SheaDay ago

    I loved your old golf stance street cred video.

  24. Angry Andy Toth

    Angry Andy TothDay ago

    R32 gtr for just under 10k. Man, that’s depressing

  25. Camilla

    CamillaDay ago

    You got piped for that I got a perfectly working MK4 3 door 130 BHp for 900 only thing that was needed was front brake pads that was 85 each so like 1100 for everything

  26. Different Face James

    Different Face JamesDay ago

    Legend has it that this is where “in the bin” came from 😂

  27. spookanide

    spookanideDay ago

    You guys are nuts for finishing this one.

  28. Sharn du Preez

    Sharn du PreezDay ago

    Can we just turbo the thing now please!

  29. Coleiro Gaming

    Coleiro GamingDay ago

    I bet making this video you had no idea you would be as big as you guys are now!!

  30. Zator Nagirroc

    Zator NagirrocDay ago

    As someone who has changed oil in a fast lube place for 8 years servicing (early 90s) some 60-70 cars a day, putting a thin film of *clean* oil or gearbox lube can prevent the filter gasket from sticking when you take the filter off again down the road. Now, if your conscientious about making sure that the old gasket is gone before threading a new one on, you are probably good, but as a mechanic, we have no idea who is going to take that filter off down the road and how conscientious they are going to be. Double gaskets are BAD, and the preventative measure of just a little lube on the gasket is worth it to me.

  31. kla33e95

    kla33e95Day ago

    Is "Far out" something only austrailians say?

  32. Dutch Parisien

    Dutch ParisienDay ago

    I hope you are getting the response

  33. Dutch Parisien

    Dutch ParisienDay ago


  34. AverageBaki1711

    AverageBaki1711Day ago

    This just makes me want to hurry up and get my car already, id love to be able to mod my own ride then take it for a spin. It's just a burning sensation I can't get rid of...

  35. frog9181

    frog9181Day ago

    now to build the bottom end, recam it, boost it and strip the interior so it's actually fast.


    NOEL BRYANTDay ago

    well, miles would you do another?

  37. Gregg Ohlins

    Gregg OhlinsDay ago

    Great video guys as always I got goosebumps when I saw all the people at the meeting and their cars. Truly a legendary car and sad to see it go. I started driving a Lotus at 17 even before I got my driving license and I have the exact same emotions about these types of cars; smile every time you get behind the wheel ;)

  38. TPM Films

    TPM FilmsDay ago

    That actually sounds sick 😂

  39. Budget Boost DIY

    Budget Boost DIYDay ago

    buy a aem uego and connect 12v assesory wire and ground and thats IT!,install the wideband sensor that came with it and your done.This is so not worth the hasstle.

  40. james Emme

    james EmmeDay ago

    I wish all videos on here were this concise So many shot talkers, this is gold:):):):):):)

  41. Ian Murphy

    Ian MurphyDay ago


  42. ziarrvfx

    ziarrvfxDay ago

    Nailed the ASMR bit

  43. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    That Mini cooper going to be awesome with the Supercharge engine

  44. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    That Mini cooper looks amazing Moog

  45. Willis Santos

    Willis SantosDay ago

    Love this build series. And how you guys have been teasing us with the rims. Are they in the bin (marty's voice) or did I missed it lol

  46. Adam Thomas

    Adam ThomasDay ago

    14:34 do my eyes deceive me or is that a different pod filter?

  47. •Тэйлс•

    •Тэйлс•Day ago

    Fake turbo is win

  48. Adam Thomas

    Adam ThomasDay ago

    (this is the second comment) 👏👏👏👏👏

  49. Adam Thomas

    Adam ThomasDay ago


  50. Nope Nopeman

    Nope NopemanDay ago

    Watching from 14:00 with your eyes closed is quite the experience.

  51. MasterChief

    MasterChiefDay ago

    moog was pretty cool back in the day, now he's become an obnoxious prick.

  52. Joey Wick

    Joey WickDay ago

    So song in the intro???

  53. GG is real

    GG is realDay ago

    I really want a car. ever since i was a kid now im 26years old . Hope someday I've learned and ihave one of my favorite car any car hope someday 😭😥😢

  54. Work Shop

    Work ShopDay ago

    lets goooooo

  55. 08vessute

    08vessuteDay ago

    Hey guys, how much does it cost to get a car from Japan to Australia ?

  56. Eric Jauregui

    Eric JaureguiDay ago

    Nope. Fuck that. I ain't doin all that shit. I'll just go with a supercharger for my 3.5L Chrysler engine.

  57. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron JohnsonDay ago

    I never knew Blair was left handed ♡ ♡ ♡

  58. Toni

    ToniDay ago

    No Slalom challenge?

  59. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    That Mini Cooper looks awesome Moog

  60. Francisco Munoz

    Francisco MunozDay ago

    What's the deal with the 4G69?

  61. Joshua Kooyman

    Joshua KooymanDay ago

    Ricky Lee Jones! Love that song.

  62. Zator Nagirroc

    Zator NagirrocDay ago

    How is that "in the bin" thing so hilarious? Each and every time, I see it coming, and roll my eyes, and then I laugh, 'cuz it is sooo good.

  63. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    Supergrams going to look Wonderful

  64. Raymond Hebert

    Raymond HebertDay ago

    Might as well just bought a kit car instead... wait, maybe the civic technically is a kit car? 🤔 hmm

  65. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    MOD MAD is awesome with the V8 English Good job Marty and Moog

  66. Steve Gitschier

    Steve GitschierDay ago

    When will you gentlemen start on this one? It will be a really fun build to see. Thanks.

  67. Jared Buschschulte

    Jared BuschschulteDay ago


  68. Steve Gitschier

    Steve GitschierDay ago

    The Gemini in the United States was known as a Chevrolet Vega. The other General Motors branches also had other names for the similar car. I look forward to the build when you start it.

  69. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    MOD MAX is going to be awesome with the V8 English

  70. Joshua Afek

    Joshua AfekDay ago


  71. Ben Blakemore

    Ben BlakemoreDay ago


  72. Victor Dobrovatov

    Victor DobrovatovDay ago

    Now you just have to design a t-shirt with that list of completed work on it.

  73. CHL

    CHLDay ago

    Sounds like my neighborhood in Chicago from 7pm to 4am every night. Lots of great taqueria’s and the best produce you can buy!

  74. Toni

    ToniDay ago

    Love the older MCM music!

  75. Coolfog2

    Coolfog2Day ago

    Omg the last starfighter yes, I have a copy on VHS

  76. Toni

    ToniDay ago

    11:10 Nooooooo! MONICA!

  77. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockDay ago

    MOD MAD is awesome with the V8 Engine

  78. Joshua Buford

    Joshua BufordDay ago

    “Checked all the boxes. Except that other one”.... hopefully that’s a Rotary box....maybe a FB Rx7.

  79. Daniel Keener

    Daniel KeenerDay ago

    Just got my rare import, possibly the first “in the bin” shirt, delivered here in the states. I couldn’t be more excited! My kids will know to pick up their junk when I’m wearing because everything they leave out goes...

  80. Bradley Wilson

    Bradley WilsonDay ago

    Can we get the whale on a T-shirt please