LOTUS - Supercharger Upgrade (First Drive)

After an epic Supercharger upgrade, we take the Lotus Exige S240 out for the first drive.
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  1. Mighty Car Mods

    Mighty Car Mods4 months ago

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  2. Mazda Hydrogen

    Mazda Hydrogen3 months ago

    2:05 WHAT THE MUSIC?

  3. Jusa

    Jusa4 months ago

    @RAW FPS 100% this. Also film more the track itself, cornering, straights etc. Whats the point to show your face 90% of the time when doing track times? All that makes you to look complete amateurs who just wanna get attention in a way that it ruins all the fun in these track videos.

  4. joe khan

    joe khan4 months ago

    • 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG • Mileage 59 000 Km • Full service history by agents • Remainder 6 year motorplan • Remainder 6 year warranty • Spare keys

  5. Ewald Stander

    Ewald Stander4 months ago

    @mighty car nods. Gopro's have a spot metering mode where it will expose for the center of what the camera sees. Result, the outside/track will be correctly exposed.

  6. Brooks Yeager

    Brooks Yeager4 months ago

    F*ck Lotus -Too Sexy....

  7. Chris Lund

    Chris Lund13 days ago

    Watching Little Lotus just eat up car after car made me so happy! Good work fellas 🙂

  8. Pip's Channel

    Pip's Channel15 days ago

    Sounds lovely, especially for a four banger. Love the SC whine and the exhaust pops near the redline. Loved to see you chopping that Porsche. It was clearly struggling around the corner, losing grip while you just flat ironed that curve with that little monster. Excellent!

  9. Eff'Sheatics ForzaTube

    Eff'Sheatics ForzaTube18 days ago

    That Richard seems like a real top bloke eh mate? Kudos for this, love what you're trying with the Exige... S'all for the purity ;)

  10. Dahlmasen

    Dahlmasen29 days ago

    Amazing how much a proper alignment and suspension set up does

  11. Stephen Larson

    Stephen LarsonMonth ago

    Wish we could see out of the windows while on the track.

  12. McDylanNuggets

    McDylanNuggetsMonth ago

    Does he know how to downshift? I didn't hear a single rev match or even attempt at rev matching.

  13. Kamil

    KamilMonth ago

    I'll go ahead and retitle this skit: LOTUS - First Drive (Sorted Geometry, Supercharger Upgrade)

  14. Do Vu

    Do VuMonth ago

    Hey bois, k24 swap that beast!

  15. Ollie Thomson

    Ollie Thomson2 months ago

    Should try heal and toe

  16. Jobs Jobbed

    Jobs Jobbed2 months ago

    Someone idiot buys a lotus thinking they’re a driving god. Reality disabuses them of the idea that money = talent.

  17. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  18. Irfy MX

    Irfy MX2 months ago

    Wow this car sounds amazing.... Is it running a 2zz engine?

  19. CJRhoades

    CJRhoades2 months ago

    Those downshifts had me wincing every time. Was just waiting for the engine braking to upset the rear and send you around.

  20. Jayd Booth

    Jayd Booth2 months ago

    Car sounds friggen amazing

  21. BENJi-No1

    BENJi-No12 months ago

    Go on a driving course each your both useless at driving a car fast ..

  22. duncan hewitt

    duncan hewitt3 months ago

    Really do need to learn to heel and toe! From one lotus owner to another

  23. fedzalicious

    fedzalicious3 months ago

    A tale of love, redemption and purity

  24. Driving in Sri Lanka

    Driving in Sri Lanka3 months ago

    Love to see you guys pay a visit to Rob Wilson.

  25. robert woodliff

    robert woodliff3 months ago

    Shame about the overexposure on the shots through the screen....if you lighten up the interior the camera may not have to drive so hard. Bit of white card in the roof lining should be enough to do it.

  26. TITICO00 Данил SUN

    TITICO00 Данил SUN3 months ago

    Wow you guys are on a soooooo level now

  27. D P

    D P3 months ago

    This car should serve as a proper tool to develope your driving skills.

  28. D P

    D P3 months ago

    Now learn how to heel toe

  29. D P

    D P3 months ago

    You need a better helmet. Stilo

  30. D P

    D P3 months ago

    Yes development not modify. Welcome to the big boys league.

  31. Mazda Hydrogen

    Mazda Hydrogen3 months ago

    2:05 what the music?

  32. John Iron

    John Iron3 months ago

    Thank you for the show! Hello to you from Kazakhstan! Watching you thanks to the official BMIRUSSIAN translation! Say back!

  33. pancho8334

    pancho83343 months ago

    Its a fact.... you cant drive.

  34. Luis Del Pozo

    Luis Del Pozo3 months ago

    Y’all need to work in your camera positioning while in the track, you can’t see anything outside the car. Loved the content though, I’m glad you feel confident with your car now

  35. Gazmus

    Gazmus3 months ago

    Moog has a Mini Cooper, a Triumph Bonneville and a Lotus Exige? Undercover Englishman confirmed. Focus and a Golf too...he's at least European.

  36. EugVR6

    EugVR63 months ago


  37. 7supersnake7

    7supersnake73 months ago

    Awesome vid! Glad that your happy with your car! That cayenne though...😮

  38. Chad thundercock

    Chad thundercock3 months ago

    Lot's of trouble usually serious

  39. Just Harry Johnson

    Just Harry Johnson3 months ago

    You now own a super car 🚗

  40. Joel lopez

    Joel lopez3 months ago

    Moog, go back and try the s2000 on the track. You will be surprised.

  41. Santy Clause

    Santy Clause3 months ago

    After an unfortunate loss of patience, I have discovered that Exige sun visors will pull out by just twisting back and forth while pulling them away the spear-like pin they are hung on. You get an extra 2-3 inches of windscreen vision in top clearance to peer out of from your driving seat. The visors pull away toward the rear view mirror in the middle of the screen. I am 6'2" and found it truly irritating to hunch forward under the visors when desirous of observing traffic light signals and signage at intersections etc.

  42. Ajay G

    Ajay G4 months ago

    Both you guys should learn heel-toe downshifting.

  43. Ajay G

    Ajay G4 months ago

    What is that VTEC like crossover?


    TUBBY MAYONNAISE4 months ago

    Lotus: moog's purity missile


    TUBBY MAYONNAISE4 months ago

    Marty and moog are such great guys that I legit get pumped for them when they get wins at life. They've earned everything they have and still are great lads.


    TUBBY MAYONNAISE4 months ago

    I love these guys, I love how respectful and kind they are. Yeah its a car channel but both Marty and moog are great role models for not just for the young but legit everyone. Be kind to others people.

  47. fariz ascariz

    fariz ascariz4 months ago

    i can see the handling is much better.

  48. Bigeein Bigeein

    Bigeein Bigeein4 months ago

    Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

  49. Dj Porsche

    Dj Porsche4 months ago

    I think you should use the kerbs more

  50. General Pinochet

    General Pinochet4 months ago

    That behind the head visuals are really crappy

  51. samual daugherty

    samual daugherty4 months ago

    Okay, Moog. Fine. I owe you an apology. I had a good laugh last time when you blamed the car for spinning and thought "sure...it's always the car's fault." Turns out it was the car's fault. Keep being awesome.

  52. Craig

    Craig4 months ago

    Well done mate that was great to watch!

  53. daniel dillon

    daniel dillon4 months ago

    My Lord that thing sounds awesome 🥰

  54. MoneyCorrupts

    MoneyCorrupts4 months ago

    Swear i seen this car down umina

  55. daDonn

    daDonn4 months ago

    Goddam traffic.

  56. Igor Barbaros

    Igor Barbaros4 months ago

    Hey MCM, how about a video on alignment with strings like Richie did it

  57. Nate Requena

    Nate Requena4 months ago

    This put a huge smile on my face. Awesome.

  58. Luke doherty

    Luke doherty4 months ago

    I wouldn't worry about all the negative or comments saying heel and toe etc. Most of these USloft experts can't do it and probably never been to a track. Enjoy the experience and the car. It don't matter what time you get, as long as you are having fun it's all that matters

  59. Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'

    Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'4 months ago

    I can't wait to see TooSexy chop the Lotus #MartyCarMods

  60. Marko Kaljula

    Marko Kaljula4 months ago

    I can feel the adrenaline rising when You're catching up to that M2 :D

  61. asphtherogue

    asphtherogue4 months ago

    Damn, looks so planted compared to last time before the suspension fix. At first I thought the Lotus was kind of boring (though it does look amazing), but colour me impressed! Well done :)

  62. KaosIsHere

    KaosIsHere4 months ago

    @mightycarmods you should get a Uk number plate for it there’s plenty of EX13G_ _ plates, even EX13 GAV is only about £160

  63. Arthur Sperotto

    Arthur Sperotto4 months ago

    You need to heel toe man!

  64. CyRuSMeN

    CyRuSMeN4 months ago

    it sounds like a SUPERCAR !!!!!!!!

  65. CyRuSMeN

    CyRuSMeN4 months ago

    the lotus looks so small near a BMW M2.. WOW !!!!

  66. zerofecks

    zerofecks4 months ago

    Anyone know which circuit they're running at Sydney?

  67. Scooter McDoogall

    Scooter McDoogall4 months ago

    This could be my favorite episode. Congrats Moog

  68. Han Willems

    Han Willems4 months ago

    I don't think we see Moog this happy a lot. Which I understand, but I would love to see more of this kind of happiness from the both of them. Just because it makes me very happy seeing them happy.

  69. Bjyrgen666

    Bjyrgen6664 months ago

    Watching this made me smile! You deserve that revenge!

  70. bobos245

    bobos2454 months ago

    Good job man. Alignment and tires are really a make or break for a track oriented car, and had everything to do with how poorly it took corners before. Make sure you really focus on your entry and exits, wind the car out into the exit, and hit the outer limit of the track. You'll be so insanely fast thru the the corners.

  71. SpoonStyleS2K

    SpoonStyleS2K4 months ago

    Watching this is getting me pumped for the 2021 track season! Anyone in the comments a fan of Road Atlanta or Virginia International Raceway?

  72. merqury5

    merqury54 months ago

    Did he just pass Magnum PI?

  73. Loring Giles

    Loring Giles4 months ago

    Why was the set up so far off? Was it crashed? Did the PO take off a bunch of mods before selling?

  74. Android 890

    Android 8904 months ago

    Really enjoyed your journey with this I did the same thing in my car I went out for the so-called time attack but I just wanted to enjoy it and I did, I did say on that last video when you span it was the cars fault not yours and we were right🤣👍

  75. Sam Payne

    Sam Payne4 months ago

    How is the heel and toe? That’ll help a lot with the balance into the corner. Also, loving your faces in this. I have the exact same ones when I get confidence on the track!

  76. Euan Pennington

    Euan Pennington4 months ago

    Personally I find these videos of endless laps a little self indulgent and less interesting... not my thing I'm afraid.

  77. BBoyDrkNova

    BBoyDrkNova4 months ago

    Jesus that 2zz screams the higher he revs it ! That lift sounds amazing ! 😍🥳

  78. Joe Fixit

    Joe Fixit4 months ago

    9:27 thats the face i like to see.

  79. D S

    D S4 months ago

    Moog gives me Jack sparrow vibes

  80. faizal mohd

    faizal mohd4 months ago

    Why are you not using the whole track width in approaching & exiting the corners? & missing the apexes? You should have done a lot better since the nature of your job focusing on car mods. May I suggest a series of professional track driving courses for you so that you can really exploit the real lotus experience...

  81. Lucas Louback

    Lucas Louback4 months ago

    Whats the point of bringing an SUV to the track?

  82. Tokyo By Night

    Tokyo By Night4 months ago

    Throttle blips on the downshift are so important

  83. madjh

    madjh4 months ago

    I can feel the difference iven behind the screen ... that is purity ...

  84. JeepNut Scotty

    JeepNut Scotty4 months ago

    Nice car now Moog, it sounds like an animal!! but swear to god, if i hear the word “purity” one more f’n time!!!! Yep, you’re officially now “one of those guys” 🤣 i get it, just give it rest mate, we get it already haha

  85. Compeer

    Compeer4 months ago

    Good work mate, redemption for spinning out! What a beast of a car now. The little toyota motor that could.

  86. Nelthewire

    Nelthewire4 months ago

    British engineering at its best

  87. Jeffrey Siegrist

    Jeffrey Siegrist4 months ago

    Need to adjust the white balance on some of those gopro's, looks like you're driving in a cloud! Also, in the rear facing interior shots, the engine is moving around quite a bit. Not sure if its the extra power but would definitely suggest someone see the engine mounts look good, and if there's any trouble getting into gear for sure pop in some poly inserts as that will help.

  88. Swami-G

    Swami-G4 months ago

    Now Moog just needs to learn how to rev match when downshifting and braking and he'll be much faster around the track!

  89. Xénos Polemistí̱s

    Xénos Polemistí̱s4 months ago


  90. eltiburon1983

    eltiburon19834 months ago

    is it possible to change the whitebalance on the cameras or even mount them outside on the car? cause i am almost not able to see the track. too bright.

  91. X5 - Camping & Stuff.

    X5 - Camping & Stuff.4 months ago

    I have watched EVERY Skid Factory Video and I live 100klms from Al house. I asked Al if he could watch one of my 6 minute Videos about my BMW X5.. He completely REFUSED... This is what USloft has come too.

  92. alch3myau

    alch3myau4 months ago

    just admit it, you got paid by lotus for these videos.

  93. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith4 months ago

    Dude, I'm so happy for you. The guys at Simply Sports Cars are awesome!! They really know how to get the best performance out of the car. Now you just need to know how to rev out each gear, hit the apexes and power through a flying lap!!! Practice makes perfect!!! Now go and do it dude!!! Cheers Jim.

  94. J. Barrett

    J. Barrett4 months ago

    I cringed every time he downshifted😔😔

  95. David Vesseur

    David Vesseur4 months ago

    It's a shame the exposure is F'd and we can't see the race track. I think we'd all rather the track be exposed properly and inside the car a little dark...

  96. peterman21

    peterman214 months ago

    Brought a tear to my eye.

  97. The Average Garage

    The Average Garage4 months ago

    This video actually makes me so BLOODY HAPPY!!!! seeing Moogs expression of being able to hammer the car and have more confidence is amazing, and dare i say... PURE! The emotions you can feel through video and audio! LOVE IT boys!, keep up the amazing work, and enjoy that machine, it sounds AMAZING!

  98. mezan hjs

    mezan hjs4 months ago

    Can you try simple mod like the brz on tiburon 2008?

  99. Logan Cole

    Logan Cole4 months ago

    First time I've heard the phrase "unfortunately I've got a bit of traffic here, I'll get past them on the straight". Nice

  100. emerick lamont

    emerick lamont4 months ago

    How about a go pro outside of the car guys ;)? love the video

  101. Aussie Gamer

    Aussie Gamer4 months ago

    That lotus sounds FASTTTT

  102. SlCKB0Y

    SlCKB0Y4 months ago

    before to supercharge it, i would have swapped a K20/K24 in it. with the proper tune it beat most hypercars in power to weight ratio and downright murder any ferrari with extreme prejudice.

  103. Joyrider

    Joyrider4 months ago

    "Granny shifting, not double clutching like ya should" Jks boys but couldn't resist :p

  104. MrSlowestD16

    MrSlowestD164 months ago

    Wow, that thing sounds amazing. I'm so happy to see Moog's confidence back and a smile ear to ear. That all being said, I think it's really a testament to Toyota/Subaru how good a time the BRZ can put down with a turbo and some light mods. That's really impressive if you consider the investment difference.

  105. djbadandy1

    djbadandy14 months ago

    so happy for you that the car is sorted! maaaaaan enjoy it!

  106. Hugo Perez

    Hugo Perez4 months ago


  107. Lukestersim :3

    Lukestersim :34 months ago

    I’m guessing its a very hard car to heel and tow in