Our First 4X4 Build (SO MANY MODS!!)

This is going to be a big one! We go on a massive shopping haul to buy everything we need for our 4WD project car and then modify our mad little Suzuki Jimny ready for off road action!
We've never built a 4X4 before - how hard can it be? We're about to find out...
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    Mighty Car Mods4 months ago

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  2. Tanner Kaden

    Tanner KadenMonth ago

    @Ashton Franco whoa! Took roughly 15 minutes but it worked!

  3. Ashton Franco

    Ashton FrancoMonth ago

    Dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it

  4. Hugh Carson

    Hugh Carson2 months ago

    This is a lie!!!! Wouldn’t your first ever 4wheel drive be the zombie apocalypse pathfinder?


    CHRISTOPHER WILCOX3 months ago

    @Krispy Mustard yes please !

  6. _ PapaSugar

    _ PapaSugar3 months ago

    @Yvolve 😂

  7. Sean Lewis

    Sean Lewis11 days ago

    This made me laugh like I put on fur boxers inside out, and cringe like I was bumper surfing naked behind a Unimog down a gravel road. I have more to add, but I'm off to emergency therapy.

  8. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock17 days ago

    Awesome I love it 😏 it’s a beast

  9. MotoBrutale

    MotoBrutale18 days ago

    'do a rotary' is a spectacular idea!! I have an RX8 and would love to see what you guys do with one. DO IT!!

  10. Alex Lubbers

    Alex LubbersMonth ago

    How to build an American 4×4: 1. Select a 70s-90s American truck 2. Add 6 inches of lift, minimum 3. At least 35 inch mud tires, preferably Super Swamper TSLs or Boggers 4. Dana 60 axels front and rear with lockers 5. Big V8 with a comparably built transmission 6. Generous amounts of undercarriage protection 7. Toolbox in the bed with requisite tools and tow straps (mandatory) or optional front-mounted winch

  11. Jackey Chen

    Jackey ChenMonth ago

    The savory goal pivotally weigh because yugoslavian chronically kill pace a profuse insulation. silky, vacuous sense

  12. Average Floridian

    Average FloridianMonth ago

    This is great. It's like watching your old videos where you bought goofy stuff to put on nuggets just because it was an available modification.

  13. Big Cazza

    Big CazzaMonth ago

    4 speed auto barely works with 212HP lord knows how the suzuki makes it work

  14. Stephen Farebrother

    Stephen FarebrotherMonth ago

    Snorkels on cars aren't actually designed for water but to raise the intake above the dust keeping your air filter cleaner for longer

  15. Shayne Jopson

    Shayne JopsonMonth ago

    #MUDHOLE !!! Lol love it

  16. Shayne Jopson

    Shayne JopsonMonth ago

    Young love behind the counter with the full sleeve tattoo is HOT!!! AF!!!!

  17. Jason Moser

    Jason MoserMonth ago

    The Cheryl with the receipt is gorgeous!

  18. Jae White

    Jae WhiteMonth ago

    So sad we don't have the Jimmy in the U.S., love going to Chile just so I can enjoy the Jimney

  19. Lyle Abraham

    Lyle Abraham2 months ago

    Red backs are not the same as black widows, they look completely different and a black widow is about 3x the size of a red back.

  20. Stefan Aleksander Martinsen

    Stefan Aleksander Martinsen2 months ago

    That intro needs to become a song

  21. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  22. True

    True2 months ago

    I was today years old when I found out the Jimny is not sold in the US :(

  23. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  24. RubyRoks

    RubyRoks2 months ago

    "Vacuuming for spiders" is a phrase that makes me piss myself. I'm SUPER never going to anywhere with a climate like Australia if i can avoid it

  25. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  26. Dominic Hudson

    Dominic Hudson2 months ago

    Aussies hanging out forever to see you guys do the usual street thing to a Ford Falcon, and a Holden Commodore (of any generation). You guys borrowed a Commodore and took its V8 to make Mod Max but that didn't satisfy the bogans. Then there was a super old VN Commodore that you brought to the track to race against Marty but it wasn't one of your project cars. Aussies hanging out for you to do those two cars and then they'll shut up asking you haha. Also would love to see a rotary but I think that's gonna take some cash to get a hold of one.

  27. Brandyn Hernandez

    Brandyn Hernandez2 months ago

    Your welcome!!!

  28. wooohooo312

    wooohooo3122 months ago

    PLEASE DO ANYTHING ROTORY! I'D LOVE TO SEE IT!!! I love that you guys have done an offroad build!!!!! on a tiny JDM! Amazing!

  29. Sammy Scoots

    Sammy Scoots2 months ago

    So much he missed

  30. Fleck77 Fleck

    Fleck77 Fleck2 months ago

    Is there no covid in Australia?

  31. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko2 months ago

    Pretty much only the USA still use 130oF rest of the world uses oC. UK is 1.3 na engine too

  32. Maksee

    Maksee2 months ago

    If u wanna do water crossings, you should also put the differential and transmission ventilation higher. The main reason for snorkels is usually, that your engine doesn't suck in as much dirt as it usually does. It can also give the engine a little more power, because it got some sort of compressing effect

  33. Julian S

    Julian S2 months ago

    13:00 This is one of the most australian things I have ever seen and heard

  34. Nathaniel Haiden

    Nathaniel Haiden2 months ago

    20:16 I like the audible attack on the bass compression

  35. Aaron WLT

    Aaron WLT2 months ago

    Does anyone know if someone that is 6 foot 6 would be able to fit comfortably in a jimny?

  36. Andreas Lankes

    Andreas Lankes2 months ago

    The stool got wheels itself, so no problem.....

  37. Andreas Lankes

    Andreas Lankes2 months ago

    Please, wear your masks. Stay healthy.

  38. Steven Shuman

    Steven Shuman2 months ago

    What kind of lift is illegal in Australia

  39. Rickyticky Bobbywobbin

    Rickyticky Bobbywobbin2 months ago

    Them shopping in the 4x4 section is me shopping in a parts store for anything

  40. Morten Bakke

    Morten Bakke2 months ago

    Cool, you guys got to meet Eric Bana @ 6:15 :D

  41. eac1907

    eac19072 months ago

    Will Jimny body kits fit the samurai??

  42. Lukas Schnell

    Lukas Schnell2 months ago

    The possibility to find Deadly Spiders in your project car is why im happy to live in germany. Our spiders are way less humorous but they dont bite

  43. Mark Conley

    Mark Conley2 months ago

    Fahrenheit is hotter.

  44. dylan porras

    dylan porras2 months ago

    My Suzuki samurai has a G13B from a Suzuki Swift GTI, it's converted to run on propane, has a m45 supercharger from a Mercedes, Toyota axles. So I guess that's what happens when an Offroad guy does a street engine.

  45. iamandreja

    iamandreja3 months ago

    Keep it in the mud hole!

  46. Julius

    Julius3 months ago

    Where are your mask?

  47. E R

    E R3 months ago

    Why does the front of that auto parts store look like something out of blade runner?

  48. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn3 months ago

    Came for the Jimny, stayed for the spider facts 😂

  49. Владимир Чернов

    Владимир Чернов3 months ago

    Watch the offroadspb channel, but only there are no English subtitles, but it is not necessary, only Russian humor

  50. Naufal Fadlurahman

    Naufal Fadlurahman3 months ago

    Floor matt that had 4x4 sign on them 🤣

  51. A&M

    A&M3 months ago

    Вам бы в россию приехать, утонете на нём в городе, в луже xD

  52. Danny - Aplasta Ardillas

    Danny - Aplasta Ardillas3 months ago

    Jimny powa

  53. Off Grid Adventure

    Off Grid Adventure3 months ago

    Nice set up

  54. Brad Reimer

    Brad Reimer3 months ago

    Throwing a bunch of cheap bolt on parts onto a compact suv is not a "4x4 Build".


    ANKIT JADHAO3 months ago

    Little Scorpio 😄😄😄

  56. ludmil metodiev

    ludmil metodiev3 months ago

    You changed to fahrenheit no mather that your country uses celsius ... One big thank you from the rest of the world that uses normal metric system :/

  57. Dave Ellis

    Dave Ellis3 months ago

    Horizontally recorded:)

  58. Lewis Kitney

    Lewis Kitney3 months ago

    Why does he wear his cap backwards as a grown adult?

  59. Texas_Beard

    Texas_Beard3 months ago

    105? That sounds like a nice summer day in Texas lol 🤙🏼🤘🏼

  60. Dmitry Evolution

    Dmitry Evolution3 months ago

    Сплошная пиздаболия. Это можно было за 5 мин показать

  61. Pedro Romero

    Pedro Romero3 months ago

    105* that nothing come to Phoenix Arizona USA 116*+ may to October

  62. D k

    D k3 months ago

    Those Employees At The Store Where So Nice 😊, I Would Like To Visit There One Day ✌️💯

  63. Sergio Antao

    Sergio Antao3 months ago

    Finnnnnaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy! Been waiting for a 4x4 video like this!

  64. Sergey Svyatotskiy

    Sergey Svyatotskiy3 months ago

    колеса надо было и блокировоки))))

  65. Roadmaster 96

    Roadmaster 963 months ago

    Its the stool on the bars manual ?

  66. FierceMotorworks

    FierceMotorworks3 months ago

    This build would be the perfect collab opportunity with 4WD 24-7 channel

  67. IDFcommander

    IDFcommander3 months ago

    Floor mats is what makes your car a real four wheel drive.

  68. George Marshalllee

    George Marshalllee3 months ago

    Should've got a Hilux

  69. paresh lalta

    paresh lalta3 months ago

    please oh please....never use farenheit again 🤦‍♂️

  70. Юрий Комлев

    Юрий Комлев3 months ago

    Вчера только посмотрел первую часть от BMI Раша. И подумать не мог, что займетесь оффроудом!

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    I smell 4wd supa centre

  72. Bohdan Kutiepov

    Bohdan Kutiepov3 months ago

    I’m really glad to see you guys inside the store without those idiot’s musks... I wish we can do that as well

  73. Nathaniel Banjo Lewis

    Nathaniel Banjo Lewis3 months ago

    In the uk a Jimmy is 1300 bucks but since this series they’re 5k lol

  74. Jaylin Trenorden

    Jaylin Trenorden3 months ago

    dose. anybody no how to CROP images. I want to see what my. 90 series prado. would look. like chopped into a single caB

  75. staffy4life

    staffy4life3 months ago

    Is there another episode out yet ?

  76. CC tsab

    CC tsab3 months ago

    Please do a brumby build!!!

  77. Dr.Deathdefy

    Dr.Deathdefy3 months ago

    "WE BUILD AN OFFROAD BEAST!!!! (Gone dodgy)" lol

  78. Jay m

    Jay m3 months ago

    So no one noticed that the seat is holding up the front bar?

  79. Matt Orton

    Matt Orton3 months ago

    Funny, there is no opposite of sweltering in English. Either way it's bloody cold in South Korea right now, 0 degrees fahrenheit (-17C) in South Korea!

  80. Imran Waggie

    Imran Waggie3 months ago

    When you done, try to do the next years dakar with it 🤣🤣

  81. Fak theRabbit

    Fak theRabbit3 months ago

    snorkels also help give fresh clean air to the engine instead of getting hot dirty air from under the car

  82. madtremblay

    madtremblay3 months ago

    the right expression from where i m from: Vous êtes caves en osti. the funny way ^^

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    Blue Tongue3 months ago

    Next i wanna see a 79 build

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    Allen Akbar3 months ago

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  85. _ PapaSugar

    _ PapaSugar3 months ago

    In Greece we call them Sujuki that means Greek Meatballs :P

  86. Samuel Kemp

    Samuel Kemp3 months ago

    Most insane thing in the vid was the digital sign on top of the auto parts store

  87. Neurbx _

    Neurbx _3 months ago

    "we just got back" i cracked up, love you guys

  88. Rick Sudy

    Rick Sudy3 months ago

    That poor holesaw arbor.

  89. Chevy R

    Chevy R3 months ago

    The MCM portable stall is the best mod for your off-roader ❤️

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    prateek changotra3 months ago

    looks like a mini Scorpio and safari combination.

  91. LedFlava

    LedFlava3 months ago

    OMG yes do a rotary! Loving the Jimny so far, but it's no rotary lol

  92. Thedrakanmaster 124

    Thedrakanmaster 1243 months ago

    You actually want more rubber on the ground that's why we lower the air pressure on our tires

  93. Ben

    Ben3 months ago

    the vw dude cannot get a word in without moog interrupting him 😂😂😂😂

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    frank black3 months ago

    I would love to spend a week in that store

  95. Pratistha Jagratara

    Pratistha Jagratara3 months ago

    These Kei are ridiculously expensive here in Indonesia. One could cost more than 43K AUD.

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    roosbin pancan3 months ago

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  97. RagsToRiches Official

    RagsToRiches Official3 months ago

    I drove from the mid north coast to Sydney to buy a car a few years back and stopped in at this supercheap I believe.. spun out when I saw the MCM 350z inside and even had a section of mcm merch which I didn't hold back in buying haha

  98. Ryan fallowfield

    Ryan fallowfield3 months ago

    Im 4 wheeler over here in Canada and ive been waiting YEARS to see you guys do a 4x4 i love it😀

  99. X Xxx

    X Xxx3 months ago

    Jimmy turbo please !!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. MadVtec YO

    MadVtec YO3 months ago

    “Which maybe I’ll never do” lol

  101. Ashmeed Mohammed

    Ashmeed Mohammed3 months ago

    the mad max build. if u can get it awd..

  102. Mitchell Greig

    Mitchell Greig3 months ago

    Really hope he didn’t pay 17,000 for this thing, not worth 12

  103. Strongboy 72

    Strongboy 723 months ago

    Isaac rockin' the PuRiTy shirt. Legend!

  104. Matt Streetman

    Matt Streetman3 months ago

    omg the way marty says "SMASHED THE ABSOLUTE SHIT" had me rolling

  105. Matt Streetman

    Matt Streetman3 months ago

    Holy shit 105 degrees? jesus

  106. Aaron Butler

    Aaron Butler3 months ago

    Easily the worst mcm car ever filmed.....why ....just ...why??...theyre absolute shitboxes...

  107. Oscar Barrera

    Oscar Barrera3 months ago

    Wow finally will yall take it 4x4ing?

  108. John-TheCopter

    John-TheCopter3 months ago

    The Aussie calmness while discovering that their car's body is probably full of abdomen eating black widow spiders... me: why aren't they calling an exterminator asap?