Watching Our FIRST YouTube video (Uploaded 13 years ago)

It was exactly 13 years ago that we uploaded our first episode of Mighty Car Mods... (even though it wasn't called that when we filmed it) So we decided to watch it again on our 13th birthday and bring you along for the ride.
Exactly 13 years ago today, we uploaded our first episode of Mighty Car Mods. We never knew it would take us on an amazing journey into the lives of millions of people and send us traveling on automotive adventures all over the world.
From a driveway in suburban Sydney, we ended up on the streets of Cuba, the car department of Fast&Furious, the mountains of Japan, the desert in Abu Dhabi, the forests of Slovenia, the outback of Australia, the Autobahn in Germany, and many more incredible places.
Eventually our show even hit “real” TV on the Discovery Channel - broadcast into millions of homes around the world on TV - it was at this point that many people said we “made it” - yet to “make it” seems like a final destination and we feel like we’re only just getting started.
It really has been an amazing ride so far and we quite literally could not have done it for this long without you!
We’d like to thank all of you that have been watching and supporting the show, whether it’s been 13 weeks or 13 years and we’d also like the acknowledge the MCM fans, and the families of those that we’ve lost along the way.
In this special episode we go back to the beginning to watch the first episode and explain how it started and reveal what the show was called (it wasn’t called Mighty Car Mods when we filmed it... that name came later as you’ll see)
So let’s go back to the very beginning - that early day on the 7th of January, 2008 and check out the first episode of “MIghty Car Mods

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to


  1. Mighty Car Mods

    Mighty Car Mods3 months ago

    Thank you to everyone who has been watching us for for any (or all) of the last 13 years. When did you start watching? For the OG MCM Crew, we're excited to launch our 'Jack Up Your Car' Shirt. Get yours here.

  2. P3TR0LH3AD95

    P3TR0LH3AD95Month ago

    Started watching in the days of the blue turd and the rs liberty wagon

  3. tob_ba

    tob_baMonth ago

    I think it was the blue turd. Or maybe that honda civic.


    DJ LAWRENCE2 months ago

    I stated watching in 2015, been a huge fan of everything you have done since😍love you two so much

  5. Clay Williams

    Clay Williams2 months ago

    I started watching back in 2013 when I started working on modding my own car and wanted to find peeps that were doing the same kind of stuff. Your videos taught me that I don't need to be a professional mechanic or have years of experience to dabble and just try to modd/break/fix stuff myself.

  6. Michael Bruggeman

    Michael Bruggeman3 months ago

    I've been watching you guys since the start. I dont know how many episodes you'd put out when I first found you, but it wasn't many and this was the first video i watched. You guys have done amazing things over the years and knowing that its been 13 years makes me feel really old. Keep it up guys :)

  7. T Mac

    T Mac3 days ago

    Oh man I remember watching this. I did not realize I have been watching since day one 13 years. Crazy !!!! Congrats guys.

  8. Little John

    Little John6 days ago

    Love you guys ive been watching since gramps, or the turbo miata nugget i think...i cant remember its been so long and you have influenced me so much!

  9. Steve Boooghatttii

    Steve Boooghatttii6 days ago

    This was the first mcm video I watched even tho I watched it like 6 years after it’s release haha

  10. Kyle Tulau

    Kyle Tulau12 days ago

    Been here since I was 12, am about to turn 23, loved it then, love it now! Keep up the killer work. Definitely inspired me over the years to work on my own cars and do maaaad mods!

  11. Amir Farid Yan

    Amir Farid Yan13 days ago

    Owh hell yeah. Thank you for helping me from extremely scrolling down to find your 1st video

  12. Mitsubishi 3a92power

    Mitsubishi 3a92power13 days ago

    Does anybody know where to get those Castrol oil drums in the USA?

  13. Mark Watters

    Mark Watters13 days ago

    Well done fellas. Keep the fun running.

  14. Derek Kinsella

    Derek Kinsella14 days ago

    Congrats guys,,,great to see were yous came from ,, yous did amazing stuff over the years, well done lads 💯👍

  15. OscarCharlieZulu

    OscarCharlieZulu17 days ago

    Damn young Moog had a serious Zach de la Rocha vibe

  16. Captainjack1988

    Captainjack198819 days ago

    I can't believe how long its been and how young you both looked back then. I remember finding your channel with maybe 5 or 6 videos on it and kept coming back every now and then (as i still do) when a few more had been posted. I think I found you guys because of Marty's Micra, I'd just gone from a K10 to a K11 and was looking around the net for ideas on upgrades, seeing what people had done with them and had followed a recommendation from someone on Cisco's Micra Files Micra/March owners forum. Such a long time ago and I've been through so many cars myself since then. Interestingly I just picked up my new project car a couple of days ago and I'm planning out what I want to do to it. Looking forward to many more years of great memories with you guys. (Also I totally forgot about that whole adding random text to the ends of videos thing, used to always look out for it.)

  17. Garrett

    Garrett19 days ago

    Very squinty because it's very "bright"... LOL I didn't realize brightness makes your eyes brick-red! I guess it's pretty "bright" in my room right now!

  18. Irita Pourner

    Irita Pourner20 days ago

    The standing afternoon multivariably list because typhoon ordinarily lock through a separate haircut. horrible, highfalutin noodle

  19. Duneblogger

    Duneblogger23 days ago

    I was 14 years old when i watched your first video. That was a great summer. I watched all your videos as soon as they would come out. Still great content to watch, you guys crack me up, keep up the good work fella's 🤘

  20. J.A Valdés

    J.A Valdés25 days ago

    And i'm still wondering what happened to that little 91' Subaru Fiori from the World's cheapest DIY car stereo video, like 9 years ago. It just vanished :(

  21. Bee760

    Bee76029 days ago

    Why do I remember watching this when it came out

  22. Angelo

    AngeloMonth ago

    13 years? 😱 damn

  23. UltrakupraRebirth

    UltrakupraRebirthMonth ago

    In the bin

  24. wantitlikeair Campos

    wantitlikeair CamposMonth ago

    Omg I remember you guys doing this lol

  25. Gh0st_TUFL

    Gh0st_TUFLMonth ago

    13 years and I can't tell you where the time went...but through all the videos I can say that it's been an amazing journey, glad to be here since day guys are awesome and an inspiration to all us car guys

  26. phil wxwlr

    phil wxwlrMonth ago

    That green & clean thing sounds cool. I would love to see how to improve fuel economy with the right tuning. Without ripping out the back seats and the roof, that is.

  27. Joel Somerville

    Joel SomervilleMonth ago

    I remember watching this vid, not 13 years ago, maybe 7, when I first found y’all and wanted to put central locking and a new stereo in my 67 skylark. Also I remember watching this video even years earlier when I helped install a head unit and speakers in my brothers 98 civic years before that.

  28. Aye Sengdara

    Aye SengdaraMonth ago

    I remember watching you guys when I was in year 8 (just got into highschool) and when Silvia's were only 1500-4.5k AUD on gumtree etc.

  29. L P

    L PMonth ago

    Internet wasn't that bad 13 years ago, it is only Australia which was behind (well, still is when it comes to internet, especially outside of the cities). What I am saying this just not going to resonate with people outside of Australia. I started thinking what you talking about and it was 2008... so we not talking about real old days of internet. The first internet I got as a kid was in 2002, and that was cable 100Mbps up and down, it lasted for quite a while and I remember just before moving to UK I have finally upgraded to fibre, which was 1Gbps up and down... that was 2009! So I am sitting here today in UK and I am still on 1Gbps fibre up and down... which is rare in UK, but in rest of Europe it was kind of standard for a while. The times you describing are like 1998, before the big push for fibre and when people still used modems.. I do remember the modems as that used to be in my father work and that sounds like internet you describing.. 56-128kbps speeds and it would take time to load the page, never mind watching a video on the internet. Finally, I do remember watching MCM even before move to UK, but by then you already had black turd :D Seems like it happened yesterday, but it was like 11 years ago.. and quality of the videos was already very good. This video I have never seen, but it seems like from different age.

  30. Jonathan Wimbush

    Jonathan WimbushMonth ago

    Love you guys been watching all 13 years and you've been such a huge influence on me

  31. Paul's CCNA

    Paul's CCNAMonth ago

    I have been watching both of you since the driveway. That very first year. You guys had a hook. I always loved that you played a little bit of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby (straight man and comedy guy), and it worked. I always did and still do love your Point of View, the story telling and taking people on an adventure in a creative way. Brilliant guys! I raise my beer to you.

  32. Revengeful Lobster

    Revengeful LobsterMonth ago

    Wow, a reaction video? Now you guys really are legit youtubers! But, I remember really enjoying this even back then (the production value is still really good) and you guys have only gotten better! Hopefully we'll be watching a reaction vid in another 10 years!

  33. South East Ghetto Garage

    South East Ghetto GarageMonth ago

    Classic! Been on the journey with y’all for the last decade!

  34. bradley williams

    bradley williamsMonth ago

    Where did that box go ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Ace Hardy

    Ace HardyMonth ago

    Wishing you the best

  36. Gus Oosthuizen

    Gus OosthuizenMonth ago

    You guys need to do another cuore

  37. Bob Bob

    Bob BobMonth ago

    11:09 marty looks high af ngl lol

  38. Ryan McNeill

    Ryan McNeillMonth ago

    I think you guys should have held of doing this and waited for the 50th anniversary...

  39. heijxje

    heijxjeMonth ago

    "Kwoaray" would be the closest English pronunciation of Cuore.

  40. Does Cars

    Does CarsMonth ago

    I love this show, such an inspiration. So much fun to watch!

  41. Sam Royds

    Sam RoydsMonth ago

    Since jdm sleeper mini 4 years ago

  42. JustJake

    JustJake2 months ago

    They haven't aged

  43. Reckle

    Reckle2 months ago

    It took em 8 minutes to actually start the video...

  44. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  45. Tyrone Veltmeyer

    Tyrone Veltmeyer2 months ago

    full circle--- marty wears a billabong hat in the first ep then now wears a billabong hoodie.

  46. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  47. ChevySpeed724

    ChevySpeed7242 months ago

    It truly feels like yesterday that in about 2008, I found my way into the MCM universe in small-town PA in high school. I got my first car (in my profile pic) in Nov 2009 and MCM was my go-to on the how-to's for mods. Cheers to you both and to another 13 years! 🤙🍻

  48. DIY NzL

    DIY NzL2 months ago

    Was that a fart at the beginning??

  49. Covert Garage

    Covert Garage2 months ago

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  50. R1100Srider

    R1100Srider2 months ago

    Over the years I've watched many vids, but it seems I somehow got unsubscribed. Today after watching the 3 new episodes on the RS3 have I resubscribed. Well done guys.

  51. TheMattbrownbill

    TheMattbrownbill2 months ago

    I was off work ill for a month and I watched you guys from the start, so so I saw you age/improve/evolve in a short space of time... Great first 13 years!

  52. TexasBoyJc

    TexasBoyJc2 months ago

    I also miss the Rakeage (Rake Loves it) along with the mechanical stig and the other guys.

  53. TexasBoyJc

    TexasBoyJc2 months ago

    I remember when I first found this channel, ahh the good ole days when you guys made the Ford Meteor commercial. I kept watching you guys and then y’all started on the black civic “Type R” lol. I’ve been a follower ever since and I’m not gonna lie, life happens and things get hectic but I eventually found my way back to you guys. You guys rock and I am super happy for your successs! Here’s to another 13 years! 🍻

  54. Nikolaos Stergiopoulos

    Nikolaos Stergiopoulos2 months ago

    13 years! i am watching mcm from the first episode, like a break from studding at the university. I actually learned about mcm from an article here in Greece about the things you can watch at youtube if you like cars. Best show ever! Keep up the great work. Greetings from Greece!

  55. P S

    P S2 months ago

    Ah man, so much fckin nostalgia lol

  56. PMP

    PMP2 months ago

    What an amazing evolution of an online career. Well done.

  57. João Matos

    João Matos2 months ago

    I've been watching the show sense the iPad installation, after so many years I'm finally doing it to my Celica. Love you guys

  58. Kelvin James

    Kelvin James2 months ago

    Where has MCM been the last 13 years of my life? Oh well, just means I get to binge watch all these nuggets!

  59. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko2 months ago

    Love the freeze frame of Marty at 21:42 he looks super stoned 🤪🤣

  60. Really Good Car Show

    Really Good Car Show2 months ago

    I can’t wait till a re-watch of my first video reaches half a million views lol

  61. Quercus Robur

    Quercus Robur2 months ago

    Yeah, I remember you guys working on the driveway. Well done guys.

  62. Twyst350

    Twyst3502 months ago

    Man, I remember discovering this channel a few years back and going all the way back to watch this episode. Now I've seen them all, I've gone on to follow Skid Factory and BCW, and I've I've chopped fingers bloody everywhere. Even after all these years, however, I have to say: First step unclear, jacked off my car.

  63. Jermain Carty

    Jermain Carty2 months ago

    Wow. 13 years doing what j guys love is a blessing. I love your episodes. Keep on doing your best.

  64. Anders Fomsgaard

    Anders Fomsgaard2 months ago

    I am a Dane living in Japan, and I love your show. Blair/Moog I love the Chasing Midnight with Erin(You are are a boss with the electronic music man...I used to be a dj and...You are a legend). Anyways You should have a look at an RX8

  65. Kyle Soon

    Kyle Soon2 months ago

    My buddy and I, even before we had our cars, stumbled along your kill switch video and fell in love with your channel. We’d always watch you guys on my grandmas computer when we would stay with her. Glad you are finally getting the recognition you deserve! Cheers from the United States!

  66. alessandro tocci

    alessandro tocci2 months ago

    Cuore, Pronounced (Coo-war-ay)

  67. Umar Ch.

    Umar Ch.2 months ago

    Have been following this channel for years, even when I was not in Australia! Love their journey and what they do! But somehow although they had been doing this for 13 yrs! They forgot to bring out their good mic! Hence the static noise in the video! 🤭

  68. Matt D

    Matt D2 months ago

    Me and my bro used Turbo and temples as a tour guide

  69. Kevin Konopka

    Kevin Konopka2 months ago

    started watching around 2014, damn you guys have come a long way, great work and thank you for being an inspiration

  70. Dakota Winnie

    Dakota Winnie2 months ago

    I've been here for almost of it. Cannot believe it has been that long. I used to watch the old videos in my middle school computer lab after class. Cheers from Florida!

  71. c0rse

    c0rse2 months ago

    100,000 views for a six-month-old channel in 2008 is actually huge. That was back when 10k subscribers was considered to be doing really well and if you were getting a few thousand views on each video you were considered to be a successful USloftr. The level of production as well is way above what probably 99.99% of other USloftrs were doing at the time. These days people don't even start USloft until they've dropped $1000 on a camera and a microphone without knowing how to use them but in 2008 people literally just used whatever they had. Camera phones weren't quite good enough yet (but would be a few years later) so it was often cheap digital cameras and even old camcorders. I have to assume that the quality of the production played a significant role in how quickly the channel grew. I'm really impressed that you guys kept all of the raw files too. I wonder how many terabytes you've got lying around after 13 years.

  72. Lorne Haycock

    Lorne Haycock2 months ago

    been subbed for over 10years lads, thank you for everything

  73. Furness Prime

    Furness Prime2 months ago

    I must have binged the whole channel when I first came across them.

  74. Christian Raavig

    Christian Raavig2 months ago

    I remember my mate calling me, and half shout - look at these guys, they are working on their cars from their driveway, like we do, and they are fun. We might be able to get ideas. And since then we been following you (not from this profile, but as it was back then, just search and find the next video). Best regards from Denmark 🙏🏽

  75. Paul Epsimos

    Paul Epsimos2 months ago

    Holy shi the memories 😂

  76. Clay Williams

    Clay Williams2 months ago

    Honestly, half of the reason I watch every single one of your videos is because their the best quality stuff out there. the other half is simply because you guys are just, well, guys. You don't put on a false image to be larger than life, you don't do anything clickbaity to draw people in, etc. You guys are just genuine car and motorcycle nerds, and that makes your videos much more relatable and enjoyable.

  77. Chris Lovett

    Chris Lovett2 months ago

    I knew Moog as a music producer before I knew they had a car channel... I've since grown out of car modification but I still listen to his music 🎛🎹🎚

  78. Kaxiras GTTI

    Kaxiras GTTI2 months ago

    The first video i saw was the civic fake turbo sound. I watch you from back then

  79. Gavin Lamp

    Gavin Lamp2 months ago

    I remember watching that video like 7 years ago. Been a hard fan ever since. Keep it up!

  80. Eric Lock

    Eric Lock2 months ago

    I’ve also been accused of being a stoner... And I always deny it too Martin.

  81. Eric Lock

    Eric Lock2 months ago

    Jeep owners go DEEP in the boosh...

  82. Justin Dircksen

    Justin Dircksen2 months ago

    I became a fan when I found the Mini-Vtec build.

  83. Justin Dircksen

    Justin Dircksen2 months ago

    ‘For fun’ is exactly why you were successful.

  84. Vegard Henriksen

    Vegard Henriksen2 months ago

    8:23, a fart. 100%

  85. Dkar0

    Dkar02 months ago

    MCM videos are well made, sure, but IMO MCM wouldn't be MCM without both of you, you guys have a great energy and I couldn't imagine watching it without you guys - look forward to many more years of videos from you guys!

  86. Tylerslays

    Tylerslays2 months ago

    moog just wanna let you know your spotify channel fuels my garage radio when working on cars. love the vibes from your music.

  87. Jacko C

    Jacko C2 months ago

    I’ve been watching since near the beginning since around the daihatsu and the black eg civic 😂 good times

  88. azza

    azza2 months ago

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    Simon Fleming2 months ago

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  90. The Michael Vortex

    The Michael Vortex2 months ago


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    Sam Clough2 months ago

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    ace350z DIYGarage2 months ago

    I remember watching this when i first came out. Good times


    OCHKOMEDVEDA2 months ago

    It should be called " small and dashing" (l mean jimny

  94. Cadence Outlaw

    Cadence Outlaw2 months ago

    Nice! Hallo from Ukraine 🖖 Watching you from first episode)

  95. Kid Metal

    Kid Metal2 months ago

    Hey guys been watching yours stuff for years now and I don't remember you doing a proper Aussie Burnout car. It would be awesome to see you guys do one and maybe teach the rest of the world why Aussie's have such reputation for burnouts.

  96. Ryan Riley

    Ryan Riley2 months ago

    You guys should review when you went to Japan and got the white S15 I want to know more about that and hear a behind the scenes kinda commentary.

  97. Farhan739

    Farhan7392 months ago

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    JCC CCC2 months ago

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    Deone SoBord2 months ago

    I hope one day I can look back at my videos with my own community and it mean something 😄 congrats on 13 years! I remember watching quite a few of the old school videos learning how to work on my own cars haha 😆

  101. Shannon Norfolk

    Shannon Norfolk2 months ago

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  105. KingsautoNspeed

    KingsautoNspeed2 months ago

    Hey guys I'm not sure how to get a hold of you, but Marty apparently just friended me on Facebook and offered me five grand I think someone's got into one of your accounts boys. Love all your work hope your little vacation is wonderful 🥂

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    Mr Dinomyt2 months ago

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